Screen Mirror App

Why users should download TV Caster to do screen mirroring?

Are you looking for the best app for screen mirroring?

When it comes to screen mirroring, you need to choose the right app that is simple and easy to use. Using a smart cast app, you can simply share your phone’s screen onto a TV. Therefore, TV Caster offers you a user-friendly interface with easy and simple steps for screen mirroring. With the help of this wonderful screen mirror app, mirror your phone screen into a smart TV. Most importantly, it doesn’t require any wired setup among your phone and TV because this app uses Wi-Fi enabled networks.

Follow these simple and easy steps for screen mirroring with a TV Caster App!

  • First of all, download the app on your mobile phone and launch it.
  • Make sure your mobile and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi to establish a wireless connection
  • Once you’ve connected your devices to the same Wi-Fi, go to your phone’s settings and enable the wireless display option. Similarly, enable Miracast display in your TV settings.
  • In the last step, click on the select button and choose the TV you wish to connect to.

Being the best screen mirroring android to TV, this app offers high resolution and quality of the display on the TV which allows you to view high-resolution videos and images. Choose the TV Caster app that is specifically designed for screen mirroring.

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